Traveling to Belgrade in Style and Getting Around Easily
It is surprisingly easy to access Belgrade and therefore you will come up with no difficulties in circulating in city’s streets. Wherever your home or current location is, Belgrade gives you several options to approach it and schedule your trip there.

To begin with, the city is served by ‘Nikola Tesla Airport’, near Surčin (less than 15 kilometers from the city center) and revels in growth after 2000, with approximately 2.5 million satisfied passengers reaching it. The airport provides connections with many cities in Europe, Asia and Africa, while is the home hub of Air Serbia, the national air carrier with a promising air network. Belgrade has also got an extensive public transport system that is based on buses, trams and trolleybuses, which get to expedite routes to urban and suburban boroughs. Travel by coach is also popular, and the capital is well-served with daily connections to every town in Serbia and many other European destinations, through the central bus station. The Beovoz rail network could also transport, with comfort, passengers to other European capitals and many towns in Serbia and outskirts. For those who decide to get around and access downtown using the road network, the town can display some magnificent bridges and other road constructions that are worth admiring. What is more, there is also the Port of Belgrade, which is on the Danube, and allows the city to receive both cargo and passengers by river.

Focus on the means of transport of your preference and admire the picturesque sights of Belgrade and its environs. Imagine your ideal transportation and bring it to life by travelling in Serbia regardless of the actual vehicle of your embarkation! After all, Serbia is a beautiful country and Belgrade is astonishing no matter how you choose to move around!