Live the Magic in Belgrade, One of the Most Atmospheric Cities in Central Europe
Belgrade is the capitol of Serbia and one of the oldest European cities. It was built in 3rd century BC by Celtic tribes, becoming the 4th largest city in Balkan Peninsula. Located on the shores of Sava and Danube confluence, Belgrade evolved in the most important city of Yugoslavia. Nowadays, it still has the aroma of the blend between the nations that lived there and the adjacent districts.

Anyone would easily think that a city which was a belligerent zone until recently, could never recover its wounds. Surely, this is not veritable speaking for Belgrade. The sorcery of the town and the superabundance of its attractions, make the capitol of Serbia the cleverest choice to travel. Depending on the season of your journey, you may waver between a dive in Sava Lake (Ada Ciganlija), the most famed river beach in Belgrade, or a walk downtown by feet or by tram. By spending some time in Ušće complex you may combine the excellent view of the town, going up to the Ušće tower, and the sumptuousness of shopping therapy in Ušće Shopping Mall. The old fashion consumers also can be satisfied by visiting the Zeleni Venac or Skadarlija green markets, which provide outdoor pleasure and traditional mien. Nikola Pašić square can also surprise you. Admire the National Parliament and the Old and New Royal Palaces while drifting by the alleys of Pionirski park, the former Royal Garden. To seam leisure and history, Kalemegdan fortress is the ideal proposal. Surrounded by a lovely park can easily meet your expectations, since its expanse is home to several galleries and museums, restaurants, sports courts, and the Belgrade Zoo.

Nobody can blame Belgrade for its lack of attractions, considering the glorious history and the infelicitous recent past. Give the chance to the locals to show you that life is beautiful and repay you with a smile!